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Gobo Projection

Poseur Table

Wall Uplighter


Moroccan Lanterns

Birch Tree in Leaf

Large Illuminated LOVE Letters

Floating Candles

Floral / Foliage Chandelier

Round Bar

Intelligent Moving Head Lights

Rustic Bar

Life-Sized Artificial Tree

Bespoke Items

Bespoke Wooden Signs

Fretwork Bar Unit

Rustic Barrel Bar

Rustic Trestle Table

Rattan Furniture

Large Gold/Silver Mirror with Easel

Alpine Chalet/Wild West Snug

Moorish Chill-Out Furniture

Rustic Barrel Poseur Table

Cotton Bunting

Marquee Drapes

Lollipop Bay Tree with Pealights

Palm Tree

Paper Hanging Lantern



Pealight Canopy

Festoon Lights

Stanchion Post and Rope

Dance Floor


Black Chill-Out Furniture

Illuminated Poseur Table

White Chill-Out Furniture

Caribbean Beach Bar

Vintage-Style Bar Unit

Illuminated Bar Unit