Decorating Barns

Last weekend we returned to Kingston Country Courtyard in Dorset, one of the many barn venues in the UK which offer great flexibility for a party or wedding reception. These venues really lend themselves to dressing and the beams provide a framework for lighting and draping to be installed neatly and safely.

Pealights are a firm favourite for barns and these can be wrapped around beams or provided in the form of our twisted willow arrangements around the perimeter.

Drapes can be used to segregate a barn into different areas or to frame windows and doors. We have also dressed barns by draping all of the walls to soften the overall effect and provide a lighter finish against which to inject colour through lighting. For themed events, drapes can be used to inject an element of drama and one such example of this was a recent Moulin Rouge themed event for which we installed red velvet theatre curtains and a fringed pelmet along one of the ceiling beams.

High ceilings are ideal for tall table centres and candelabra work particularly well in barns, providing a classic or rustic look depending on the style of the event. With our battery operated candles, candelabra can be used in any location even if there are restrictions on naked flames.
Other items often suggested for barn venues include chair covers and co-ordinated linen, topiary trees, storm lanterns, votives and for outside: gas flambeaux, hanging lanterns and paraffin flares. For examples of decorating barns, further information and images are available on our website by clicking here.