Eclectic Table Centres

Eclectic table centres are very popular at present and fit many different themes, such as vintage, contemporary, London chic etc. They can provide an opulent and lavish look, filling a table without the cost that large centrepieces often attract. By using a selection of different containers, filled not only with flowers but also with candles and other items such as crystals, coloured water and florists gel, a great deal of interest can be achieved. Tables may all feature the same items, or the eclectic style can be carried throughout the venue with each table featuring subtle differences. This also offers a great opportunity to double up table centres as favours, with items such as votive holders, antique picture frames or even champagne flutes, being available for guests to take home as a keepsake at the end of the event. One of our clients sourced individual champagne flutes for all of her guests, each in a different style, which formed part of the centrepiece until it was time for the speeches!

The two examples featured here include a classic Vintage style table centre from a June wedding this year. The centrepiece included a glass candelabra surrounded by individual glass, stone and silver containers of seasonal flowers, with an eclectic mix of vintage votive holders, decorated with crystals and pearls.

In contrast, the second event was a private dinner party in a highly contemporary setting. White crisp indian cotton linen covered the table, white chairs and a white grand piano completed the look. Various clear glass containers were used for the flowers, supplemented with pewter candle holders and mirrored votives. In contrast to the much softer tones above, this table centre contained only one type of flower, but the overall look was one of grandeur.