Transforming School Halls

As everyone will know, we love transforming venues! Featured below are a school hall and library which were the location for a 10th anniversary party for staff and their partners this weekend.

The colour scheme within the school is blue and we decided to work with this to create a cool, ice blue effect – much appreciated by everyone on the hottest day of the year so far! Ice blue uplighting and silver willow with cool white pealights lined the walls. Tables were dressed with ice blue milan striped cloths and a contrast was provided using silver chairs with royal blue seat pads, pale blue water glasses and silver 68cm candelabra on silver mirrors. Frosted votives provided additional candelight.

The Library was used for arrival drinks and then for dancing following dinner. Computers were screened off using a starcloth which also provided a storage area for furniture. Black drapes covered bookcases and uplighting in magenta provided a warm atmosphere plus a contrast with the other rooms. Star gobos were used to decorate an otherwise plain suspended ceiling! Spiral candelabra with battery candles, poseur tables with black cloths and votives with tealights completed the look.

Shoji screens were used in the entrance hall to hide photocopiers and pigeon-holes and uplighting, silver twisted willow and pealights provided further decoration whilst working in conjunction with the blue colour scheme throughout the school.

The main entrance was simply dressed with two bay trees decorated with fairy lights.