Learning to Love your Plan B:

British weather is often unpredictable at best and, contrary to the Alanis Morissette song, rain on your wedding day is not so much ironic but can be very disappointing when you’ve intended to hold your ceremony outdoors.  However, having a Plan B in place can help to minimise the panic and upset if the heavens do open, and the following tips can help you learn to Love your Plan B!

1) Redeploy what you already have:
If you loved the items enough to choose them in the first place, using the same or similar items in your contingency space will make your Plan B closer to what you originally wanted for your big day without stretching your budget too far.

BeFunky Collage

Items such as canopies, lanterns and pealights can be redeployed in indoor spaces to create atmosphere and keep with your intended theme.

Penlights can be reused to create atmosphere in a range of settings.

Pealights can be reused to create atmosphere in a range of settings.

2) Bringing the outside in:
Let’s say, for example, you wanted to exchange your vows under autumnal trees, but the weather is refusing to cooperate. Rather than just having your ceremony inside to avoid the rain, bring the trees with you!  By bringing the outdoor components of your wedding into your emergency space, you can still exchange your vows in a similar setting to what you originally planned. By combining trees and foliage with draping and uplighters in your indoor space, a beautiful atmosphere can be created.

Use trees and foliage to 'bring the outside in'!

Use trees and foliage to ‘bring the outside in’!

3) Plan ahead:
The earlier you acknowledge that you will need a Plan B, the more time you will have to create one that best fits your vision for your special day.
Firstly, it is important to decide whether your wet weather contingency space will be at the same venue, for example a marquee or an indoor room, or whether the contingency plan involves a full change of location.  If a change of location outside of the venue stated on your invitation takes place, it is important to have a clear plan in place for directing or transporting guests to your contingency venue in a timely manner – You are more likely to love your Plan B if all of your guests are there to see it!
Secondly, when planning for your ‘Plan A’, have your Plan B in the back of your mind, being aware of colour schemes in this location and picking versatile items that you can move inside, as opposed to doubling up.

Forward planning and an open mind are two things that will definitely contribute to helping you love your Plan B!

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