Case Study: Halloween Event at The Sportsman Casino

Our brief for this event was to provide venue transformation services for Halloween to promote our client’s venue, The Sportsman Casino.  As the event was to take place whilst the venue was in use, and with limited free space available, we decided that large, high-impact set pieces would provide the best option for decoration.

The first set piece we provided was a spooky Egyptian mummy set-piece comprising a large sarcophagus, Egyptian statues, treasure and spiders against a simple rustic backdrop.

“The Crypt” included full-sized coffins, gravestones, skulls, skeletons and a spiral candelabra decorated with cobwebs and crows.

The “Torture Chamber” included a torture chair, large old-fashioned door, skeleton and assorted small props.


The “Graveyard” comprised a skeleton in a full-sized open coffin, gravestones, small props and a digital sound generator to provide a surprise element when guests walked past!

Halloween crypt set piece with coffin, skeleton, spiders and tombstone

The “Witches Coven” included broomsticks and a bubbling cauldron, set against the backdrop of our spiral candelabra, all dressed with spiders, crows and other small props.

Halloween witches coven set piece with spider web back drop and spiral candelabra

Our “Dungeon” included a fake brazier, stocks, silk flambeaux, chains & severed heads set against a brick wall backdrop.

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