Interior Design Trends 2016

We’re sure you will agree that for an event with cutting edge style it’s important to pay attention to what’s happening in the design world, so earlier this month we were delighted to attend the Spring Fair 2016 – the UK’s no.1 trade show for home and interiors! There is nowhere better to discover the years hottest new trends, and after an overload of inspiration and gorgeous exhibitions we can’t wait to get our warehouse full to bursting with new stock. If you’re as excited as we are about any of the ideas below and keen to get them at your event, keep a watchful eye on our website for new items flooding in…


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It’s back to basics! Industrial and rustic themes are seeing designers moving away from glitz and shine and towards something a little more rough around the edges. For an industrial theme think bare lightbulbs, exposed brickwork, stripped down decor and metallics that are smoky and tarnished. As a colour palate, gunmetal is the signature staple and is best paired with reds and tones of teal and moss. In terms of a wedding theme, industrial can sometimes be tricky to get right – you don’t want to risk your venue looking cold or too bare – but in the right hands an industrial theme can make any event fantastically chic! 


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In a similar vein, ‘rustic’ is becoming an increasingly popular design trend and it’s easy to see why. Polished and put together can look stunning, but for that added air of intimacy and warmth you may prefer to choose an aesthetic that is tactile, unrefined and pared right down. Rose gold, blanched copper and brushed brass are starting to replace traditional silver and gold, and decor is taking its inspiration from nature and hand-crafts.


Collage- Geometric

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Geometric patterns are hitting the design world in a big way this year. We love the way a little injection of geometric can turn all the traditional elements of a wedding or event into something a little more edgy. Flowers? Hang them in geometric terrariums. Cake? Decorate it with tessellated patterns. Lanterns? Funky geometric shapes give this traditional item a new cutting-edge. Geometrics are everywhere, from invitations and menus to backdrops and room-dividers. Our personal favourite is the geometric terrariums, as they have a versatility that can be turned to almost anything – flowers, lanterns, hanging ornaments – in fact, we love them so much that they will be available on our website very soon, so watch this space!


Collage- Botanical

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The ‘indoor garden’ is  going  to  be  a  huge  concept  in  the coming year. Most of us have been aware of ‘outdoors in’ and ‘woodland’ themes for a while, but this is a little different. Instead of dark, earthy and woodland tones the ‘indoor garden’ is a look that is clean, sharp and contemporary. Think lots of succulents and cacti accentuated with glass, geometric terrariums and a colour palate of green and white, bringing the vibrance and freshness of greenery indoors. Geometric and glass terrariums are the perfect way to boost your botanics, resulting in one very fresh and modern theme!


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This year we’re going to be seeing a lot of mismatching multicultural patterns. Inspired by bohemian and folk cultures, but with an exoticism that is ambiguous. A pattern could be Turkish, Persian, Moroccan, or combine elements of them all – the point is the mix itself, a nod to inextricably intertwining cultures. Think sumptuous patterns, deep rich colours, plus gold highlights for an air of opulence.



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The wonderful idea behind the eclectic trend is that no one should be beholden to any one trend or theme – in fact, all of the trends mentioned above can be mixed and matched to create one gloriously jumbled look! Use rustic rose gold colours in a chevroned geometric table runner, or decorate an industrial, smoky metallic table cloth with chic geometric terrariums filled with botanics. Throw in some succulents, some patterns, some shapes… the welcome message for 2016 design is if you like it… get it!

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