Food Trends 2016

There is a saying in Spain that a full belly makes for a happy heart. Whilst a sumptuous spread can certainly put a smile on your guests’ faces, in our experience creating a special dining atmosphere is just as important as the food itself – and a little bit of thoughtful decoration can go a long way! Here are some catering trends that will be making waves in 2016, and a few ideas for how we can help you take your dining experience to the next level…

Authentic Ethnic

Authentic Asian and Moroccan recipes are in big demand right now. Think Persian yoghurt soup, hearty chicken Tajines and enormous sharing platters of  mouthwatering mezze. Low-key stews and soups are great for creating a warm family atmosphere, and these will be bursting with exciting flavours and hints of exotic spice! To run with the warm and laid-back vibes, sit your guests down in seating areas overflowing with Moroccan cushions and throws – or some creative draping can turn any space into a Bedouin tent! Some ethnic style folding screens, Moorish tables and exotic palm trees complete the look.

Moroccan themed event with draping and seating area.

Inspired Indian

Although not a particularly new trend, Indian food has always been a popular catering theme and always will be. Rich, filling and truly delicious, Indian themed dining is certain to leave your guests feeling satisfied. The simple rule for enhancing an Indian style dining experience is lots bright colours in the form of drapes and assorted paper lanterns, plus more than a sprinkling of twinkly pealight strings! For more ideas on this, check out our case study on Bollywood theming.

Bollywood themed event with dining area, drapes and paper lanterns.

Festival Fever

What with our modern lifestyles becoming more and more fast-paced, our eating habits have also evolved. If you’re looking for a more exciting alternative to a sit-down meal, why not let your guests grab a gourmet bite of their choosing from some festival-style stands? Jacaranda catering offer ‘Coco dining’ – fantastically stylish French vintage vans that can be used for serving their delicious catering options or as a bar. They are also perfect as a hassle-free late night dining option, for the guests who will be getting hungry again by midnight!

Festival style "Coco" food van.

    Image source: Jacaranda

For outdoor catering, provide your guests with a variety of relaxed seating areas. Clusters of vintage garden furniture look charming and keep things casual, whilst a decadent arrangement of cushions, throws and chill-out furniture can provide the perfect place for those who prefer to lounge.

Garden party vintage furniture with rose centres and tree ribbon decorations.

Battery powered festoonsOutdoor event copper lanterns

Rustic Trestle Tables are great if you want to really set the outdoor festival tone. There is no end to the creative decor you could use to make the most of a festival theme. Strings of festoon lighting and bunting are classic, but an abundance of coloured paper lanterns or ribbons tied into trees looks great too. Delicious, fun, and leaving guests free to go at their own pace, this catering option will keep your guests entertained and your event flowing nicely!

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