Centre-Pieces and Feature Items: From Concept to Reality

As venue transformers, we create a lot of bespoke material for our clients, ranging from personalised signs to unique centre-pieces. The process of creating these products may be totally different every time, but it always starts with a sketch!  Below we have a variety of sketches followed by pictures of the finished product, to give you a “top to bottom” feel for the process. This time we’re focusing on centre-pieces and feature items, though watch this space as we explore more examples of Concept to Reality!

 A Hollywood set piece designed for a Hollywood-themed event

Hollywood Set Piece Sketch

Hollywood Set Pieces

A hot air balloon centre-piece for a wedding

Hot Air Balloon Sketch

Hot Air Balloon Centre-Piece

A feature piece for a prize giveaway at a corporate event

Sportsman Display Box Sketch

Sportsman Cash Giveaway Completed Product

Feather and Silver Willow Table Centre-piece

Feather and Birch Centre-Piece Sketch

Feather and Birch Centre Piece Completed Product

A Stage Backdrop for a Themed party

Victoria in the City Party Backdrop Sketch

Victoria in the City Party Backdrop Completed Product

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