Décor and Drapes: From Concept to Reality

Welcome to another Concept to Reality blog post! As venue transformers we take pride in ensuring we can bring any venue, no matter how stunning, as close to your unique vision as possible. Although we are lucky enough to work with some amazing venues, you might be surprised how much draping and hanging décor can change the feel of a space, and bring that extra touch of occasion you might be looking for! Over the years we have provided hundreds of transformation services for different venues, from simple strings of lanterns to more complex bespoke draping installations. Some of the more intricate set ups can take weeks to plan, but in all cases a transformation starts with a simple sketch. Here’s just a small sample of concept drawings we’ve created which eventually became a reality!

Bannister Draping at Morden Hall

Morden Hall Staircase Sketch

Staircase at Morden Hall Completed Product

Hanging Lanterns at Devonshire Terrace

Hanging Lanterns at Devonshire Terrace Sketch

Hanging Lanterns at Devonshire Terrace Completed Product

Wall Draping at Botleys Mansion

Wall Draping at Botleys Mansion Sketch

Botleys Mansion Wall Draping Completed Product

Ceiling Draping at Chichester Hall

Ceiling Drapes at Chichester Hall Sketch

Chichester ceiling draping completed product

Ceiling Draping  and Decor at The Bluebird Cafe, London

Ceiling Draping and Hanging Decor at ... Sketch

Ceiling draping and hanging décor at ... completed product

Drape Tunnel at Shoreditch Town Hall

Drape Tunnel at Shoreditch House Sketch

Drape Tunnel at Shoreditch Hall Completed Product

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