Rustic American-Style Festoon Photo Shoot

Earlier this year we had the privilege of writing a guest blog for Inside Outside Marquees about how much we love the American-Style Wedding Trend – something which we’re still very keen on!  Having recently been asked to create a cascade-style festoon drop for a wedding, this got us thinking … what if we could drop a whole line of festoons?  Swagged festoon lights are still very on-trend, and by hanging them low we could really show off our gorgeous vintage-style festoon bulbs!

Rustic American Style Festoon photoshoot - closeup

We put together a photoshoot to show off these festoon drops, as well as some of our new artificial foliage, to create an American-Style rustic table setting.  The foliage effectively dressed the cables and accentuated the drop of the festoon bulbs into the bargain. Of course, for a table setting you need a table – and our rustic wooden tables are perfect for the job!  Complemented by our large and medium storm lanterns, with artificial ivy dressing, the whole picture came together beautifully…

Rustic American Style Festoon photoshoot - daytime  Rustic American Style Festoon photoshoot - daytimeRustic American Style Festoon photoshoot - daytime

As we all know however, lights look best in the dark – and these stunning bulbs really came into their own as the light started to fade.  Many people regard twilight to be a magical time, and looking at this arrangement as the sun began to set, it was easy to see why.

Rustic American Style Festoon photoshoot - twilight  Rustic American Style Festoon photoshoot - twilight

With the night sky approaching, the candles lit, the table set, and the battery festoons as a warm backdrop, it’s easy to fall in love with the Rustic American Style.  These festoon drops and foliage make for a great feature piece at all hours of the day, and this warm lighting on a summer’s evening could really make your wedding stand out!

Rustic American Style Festoon photoshoot - nighttime

If you love this look as much as we do, be sure to check out the full photo shoot on Facebook, Flickr, and on our Website!

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