Photoshoot: Opulent American-Style Bars and Backdrops

One of the biggest trends around at the moment and one we can’t get enough of, is the ‘opulent American’ aesthetic. With elegant draping, lavish adornments and lush greenery this is the perfect theme for a sophisticated yet on-trend wedding, or for giving any event a dash of Gatsby glamour.  At Stressfreehire we pride ourselves on our ability to recreate just about any style you can think of, so, with the help of our trusted associates at Silvermere Golf Club, we set out to make this idea a reality with a fabulous photoshoot! Here are four ideas for bars and backdrops that are sure to make your guests feel like a million dollars…

Dramatic Art Deco

One of the best ways to achieve the signature American style is to combine draping with decadent chandeliers. For this Art Deco-style backdrop we put together black drapes with white swag overlays and added wall uplighters in blue to give it a dramatic, low-lit ambience. Our glass baroque chandeliers were the perfect finishing touch to elevate the scene into a show-stopping backdrop! 

This backdrop is all about being polished down to the last detail, so silver tie backs on the drapes compliment the clusters of chrome coach lanterns either side of the seating area. As well as an eye-catching feature, these items look great placed throughout an event space to tie the theme together nicely, and to create a consistent look. This seating area consists of white cube chill-out furniture combined with a low mirror-top table, complete with matching silver mirror votives and tealights, providing a space for your guests to relax in style and admire the opulence around them!

Art deco style backdrop with swagged overlay, crystal baroque-style chandelier, large and medium coach lanterns, wall uplighters, white chill-out furniture and mirror votive holders (2)

baroque-style chandelier

Soft Summer Ceremony

Alternatively, a ceremony backdrop calls for something a little softer and lighter. You can still keep the core concept of this theme by combining our glass baroque chandeliers with layered ivory drapes, and clusters of chrome coach lanterns work well almost anywhere. To finish off this look we used tumbling garlands of artificial wisteria to tie back the swags, hinting at a dreamy summer in the deep south… we love this bright and pretty backdrop with a sophisticated edge!

ivory double ceremony backdrop with wisteria tie-backs, crystal baroque-style chandelier, large and medium coach lanterns (2)

Ornate Drapes

The best way to go above and beyond with any theme is to emphasise its core elements, which in this case means some serious draping! Luckily, draping is what we do best. Here we created a stunningly intricate backdrop using ivory swags, with wall uplighters in amber to pick out the detail and provide a warm ambience. And, all you have to do to transition to night time is switch to coloured uplighters – we think purples provides a strong evening look!

white ornate swagged backdrop for ceremony or top table, amber wall uplighters, large and medium coach lanterns

white ornate swagged backdrop for ceremony or top table, majenta wall uplighters, large and medium coach lanterns

A Cabana is another fantastic way to utilise space while staying on-theme. Only requiring a temporary frame and some clever draping, a Cabana means you can fill out any open event space with a stylish central feature – and one that doubles as a plush chill out area or even a bar! Combine with our white cube chill-out furniture, low mirror-top table and coach lanterns for maximum opulent American style.

White Ibiza-style Cabana, white cube chill-out furniture, mirror votive holders, large & medium coach lanterns

white cube chill-out furniture, mirror votive holders, large coach lanterns

Boxwood Hedge Bars

An item in very high demand at the moment, as we get closer and closer to a lovely British summer, is our Boxwood Hedge BarPlaced in front of a simple white drape backdrop with some wall uplighters in blue gives you a simple, summery but sophisticated bar area, and one of our favourite looks at the moment! Our artificial Boxwood Hedge panelling is actually incredibly versatile, and a fantastic option for screening or dividing up any event space while staying stylish.

In fact, all of the stock we used in the shoot is incredibly versatile – so if you are thinking about decoration for your upcoming event, why not get in touch? Our wonderful design team are experts at coming up with tailored and tweaked solutions to suit any requirements!   

boxhedge bar unit (2)

boxhedge bar unit

boxhedge bar unit (5)

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