The Humble Hanging Lantern

With summer just around the corner, here at Stressfreehire we can’t wait to start bringing out some of our favourite summer stock. However, there is one simple item that never fails to make a huge impression – we’re talking, of course, about the humble hanging lantern. Thanks to our fantastic collaborators at The Hanging Lantern Company we’ve used lanterns countless times over the years to create some stunning looks, and found their versatility truly endless. Whether you want to keep things understated with white and ivory, go crazy with colour, create a spectacular clustered centrepiece or simply give your space some low-lit atmosphere, lanterns will never let you down! Here are just a few ways you can use lanterns to “wow” your guests…

Colourful Canopies

Coloured lanterns can be just the thing if you already have a colour scheme you want to compliment. Soft pastels, bold primaries and everything in-between look fantastic in a canopy over the main event space, and help to bring all your decorations together by drawing the eye upwards! Lanterns work especially well in marquees, especially when combined with glass chandeliers for a truly classy affair!

pastel coloured paper hanging lanterns in marquee with chandeliers white, pink and blue hanging paper lanterns colourful hanging paper lanterns in ceiling canopy

Striking Set-Pieces

Lanterns can be used with hundreds of other items to create fun focal points at your event. A cluster of lanterns above a cake stand or sweets bar can give your food station an extra stylish touch, as we found out here at Upwaltham Barns with our rustic barrel bar! And, below, we created a canopy of artificial wisteria mixed in with white and vintage-style lace lanterns for some gorgeous, summery ceiling decoration.

vintage style lace hanging lanterns over sweets bar with rustic barrels

white and vintage style lace hanging lanterns with artificial wisteria and giant love letters

Lanterns and Lighting 

Hanging lanterns are also perfect for attaching to lighting features, such as a pealight canopy or festoon strings. This way you can create some delightful outdoor canopies with nylon hanging lanterns (perfect for transitioning summer parties on into the evening), or have some super-pretty, atmospheric lighting over a dance-floor, to give your guests a truly spectacular setting in which to dance the night away!

white paper hanging lanterns with festoon lights at Devonshire Terrace orange blue and white hanging paper lanterns with festoon lights at Devonshire Terrace ceremony white and vintage style lace lanterns with on pealight canopy with artificial ivy at Devonshire Terrace

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