Installation Inspiration

Installations are a great way to really fill your space and turn it into something spectacular.  If you’ve got something amazing in your head, or fallen in love with something online but don’t know how to make it a reality, never fear.  From sprawling greenery and lighting installations to draping and set-pieces, we love bringing visions to life no matter the practical challenges!  Here are just a few examples of what we’ve done in the past, and a taste of the kinds of things we can create from nothing…

Frameworks and Focal Points 

Creating a bespoke framework or gantry can be a great way to get decorative features into spaces you might not have thought possible.  We’ve done floral chandeliers, glass terrarium features and vast hanging lantern displays – whatever you have seen on the internet we’re happy to try.  We’re having a lot of fun at the moment with our new rustic bar with filament festoons!

hanging stuff

Creating a focal point over a bar or cake table also works particularly well. You could do anything from festoon lights and lanterns to terrariums and candles.  We’ve even done battery candles suspended in mid-air for a very magical effect!

786ee386698405830aac857be2db200f rustic bar

Set Pieces

For specific themes, installing a set-piece really brings a room to life and creates a long-lasting impression on your guests.  Check out our separate blog post on photo backdrops and set-pieces here!

SAM_9629f-1000x722 Woodland Set Piece and Photo Backdrop

Lighting Installations

Paper lantern displays, pealights and festoons in all sorts of combinations… with lighting, there is really scope for installing an endless array of dazzling features.  Add in foliage, lanterns, draping or other decorations to create a personalised and creative overhead space that makes your venue truly unique!

Parallel looped pealight canopy in barn venue PPA Connect pealight canopy at the Hurlingham Club white, pink and blue hanging paper lanterns swagged ceiling drape with pealights

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