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Who doesn’t love fairy lights or a flickering candle?  Lighting is the perfect way to dress your wedding venue, whatever the time of year or style of wedding.

In this blog post, Stressfree | The Venue Transformers show 4 simple, yet effective ways to use lighting to make your wedding super stunning.  All were taken at the same, beautiful wedding, held at Chaucer Barn, Holt, Norfolk.

1. Fairylights / Pealights

Fairy lights (or pealights as we like to call them) can be used for a myriad of uses and work beautifully to provide some sparkle to your occasion.  Use these lightly draped around trees, to dress shrubs, or to wrap around handrails.

Fairy lights in bushes to create an illuminated walkway at Chaucer Barn, UK wedding venue

Fairy lights to dress the bushes plus storm lanterns, garden furniture and patio heaters at Chaucer Barn, a UK wedding venue

Fairy light, storm lantern and coach lantern decor plus patio heaters at Chaucer Barn, UK wedding venue

2. Lanterns

Lanterns come in many shapes and forms, and are so incredibly versatile.  Closed lanterns provide safety where exposed candles may be considered dangerous, and are also wind and rain resistant.  Use lanterns and votives to line pathways, flank steps, dress sills and table-tops.

Fairy lights in bushes and storm lantern decoration at Chaucer Barn, UK wedding venue

3. Electrical Lighting

Uplighters, pinspots, festoons, fairylights, moving heads, colourwashes …. the options are endless!  Lighting is an excellent way of providing warmth to walls and ceilings, highlighting floral centrepieces or architectural features, creating interest by using moving effects, or to set the theme for an event by using it within a statement piece.  And, for the ultimate dance experience, a mirrorball is a MUST!

Fairy light decoration and mood lighting at Chaucer Barn, UK wedding venue

Vintage-style garden furniture and matching parasols, plus votive holders and fairy lights at Chaucer Barn, UK wedding venue

Festoon lights dressing a bespoke pallet wedding backdrop

4. Flaming Torches

Gas flambeaux (torchieres) and paraffin torches provide a sense of theatre for the most striking of events.  Flambeaux create a dramatic entrance and set the scene for the festivities to come.  Paraffin torches work beautifully alongside flambeaux to line pathways, flank borders and direct your guests in the direction you want them to travel.

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Georgia Rachael Photography and our own

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