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This theme has to be one of our favourites here at Stressfree, not least because of our Aladdin’s Cave full of items just waiting to be shown off!  

So versatile, atmospheric and eye-catching, a Moroccan theme can transform your venue and turn your event or dining experience into something more than memorable…

In this blog post, Stressfree | The Venue Transformers show you how this theme can be incorporated into your wedding or party decorations.

1. Draping

One of the first steps to many of our transformations is draping and this theme is no exception. The perfect way to set the scene, either white, red or dark colours work wonderfully as a starting point for more decoration and will instantly transport your guests to another world!

Casablanca themed event, including Ricks Cafe Americain illuminated sign, mood lighting, props and wall drapes at The Hurlingham Club, London

Moroccan themed party chill out area with fretwork bar, mood lighting, furniture hire and gold themed tablescape

2. Cosy Seating Areas

These low wooden tables are beautiful and absolutely perfect for this theme. Dress them up with lots of lanterns and candles, and you’ve got yourself a perfect cosy seating area!  There are endless options for cushions and throws, either straight on the floor or on low sofas (such as our rattan furniture) which will set the perfect tone. Cube seating can work well too if you want to keep the theme for your event design a little more subtle.

3. Lanterns Galore

With a Moroccan theme, more is definitely more when it comes to lanterns.  We have them in all (and I really mean all!) shapes and sizes, for any purpose or point throughout your venue.  Whether with large, decorative tower lanterns to turn a doorway into an entrance, small clusters to get that glimmering atmosphere, or glass hexagonal vases for the table, lots of lanterns is the way to go!

Casablanca themed event, including themed props such as this Tower lantern at the Hurlingham Club, London

Casablanca Moroccan themed party at the Hurlingham Club venue London with bespoke illuminated sign, long tables, dark colours and copper terrarium lantern tablescape

4. Installations

And just when you thought you had enough lanterns – add some more! An overhead installation is a really great and exciting way to create a visual impact that can’t be beaten, such as this event at the Hurlingham Club in London.  We used lots of brightly coloured paper lanterns hung on a matrix over the whole event space, and added some coloured uplighting to create a look for this space that was something really special…

So whether you just want to create an exciting Eastern atmosphere, or go all the way and throw a full on Moroccan style party, a combination of any of these ideas and items should ensure your guests are given one completely unforgettable event!

Let’s bring your Moroccan themed party or wedding to life!

If you’re ready to be blown away by the look of your venue, then we’re brimming with ideas.

To discuss how to theme your wedding or party …

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For more ideas and inspiration:

And check out this real life case study at the Hurlingham Club London

Casablanca themed event, including Ricks Cafe Americain illuminated sign, table decor and props at Hurlingham Club, London

Venue credits:

Upwaltham Barns

Hurlingham Club

Childerley Hall

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