Devonshire Terrace

Back in July, Katie was planning a summer wedding breakfast at Devonshire Terrace in London.  Though the venue is perfect for a summer evening, our brief was to inject some warmth and atmosphere into this vast, industrial-style space.  The first step was to add a colour wash along the back wall and wall uplighters throughout.  In warm amber, uplighters were extremely effective for softening these towering walls and creating a background glow reminiscent of candlelight…

SAM_0260f pealights

There is no better way to instantly create an atmosphere than with an abundance of pealight strings.  Wound around bannisters and draped over foliage they created a strong and cohesive impact throughout this entire space, simultaneously ensuring a grand entrance down the stairs and highlighting the outdoor feel of the venue.  The perfect way to add a little of bit of magic to a summer’s evening…


Our very popular coach lanterns added some drama to the staircase, whilst keeping on top of the all important lighting with traditional pillar candles.  This large silver mirror had the couple’s table plan hand-written in liquid chalk, but also helped add to the fairytale feel with it’s ornate silver frame.  As darkness fell, it had the added bonus of reflecting all the pretty lights around the venue…


Whilst fantastic for creating a general ambience, pealights can also be used to construct bold and eye-catching displays.  These trees in the middle of the courtyard were especially effective, transformed into central features that twinkled overhead as the guests dined.  Katie ended up with a venue bursting with warmth and a fairytale feel to give her summer evening some sparkle!


Please take a look at the venue’s website and check out our Devonshire Terrace Pinterest Board to get an idea for all the different ways a space like this can be transformed!

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