Focus On: Leeds Castle

If there is any venue that has the potential to be a real-life fairytale, it is Leeds Castle in Kent.  A majestic 900 year-old building complete with moat, towering turrets and enchanting grounds, all the elements are there.  However it can be an intimidating prospect to think about décor.  Where on earth do you start?  Below are a few ideas that we’ve found are perfect for giving this grand venue a little spark of magic…

Leeds Castle cropped

Gas flambeaux are the only way to go if you want to create an entrance worthy of a castle.  An array of carefully positioned vintage-style lanterns fit the tone perfectly, and these coach lanterns are large enough to create a high impact even against this colossal exterior.  We also suggest some patio heaters to keep outdoor spaces like these functional, so they can be enjoyed throughout the evening…

Sam_1570f Sam_1574f Sam_2268f222222

It makes perfect sense to utilise any existing features, such as this magnificent stone fireplace.  A fake open fire and a fake fireplace surround are simple yet very effective ways to recreate the warmth and glow of an open fire (without the need for naked flames!).

Sam_1476f Sam_1503f

Iron spiral candelabra and iron carousel candelabra are perfect, large enough to make a great impact in just about any space in the castle whilst remaining elegant.

Sam_1472f Sam_2187f-cropped

It’s also important not to forget those small details that go a long way to creating an atmosphere; pillar candles, storm lanterns, and bay trees with pealights all work wonderfully at this venue.

bitsAmber uplighters are the perfect compliment to any and all of these items, helping to get that warm fire glow around a whole room.  Large, draughty rooms are to be expected in a castle, so these are a fantastic way to make any space feel intimate and cosy.  Similarly, the use of pinspots to highlight the table centre decoration create a cosy table setting and give added impact to any floral arrangement in the centre.


Check out the Leeds Castle website and our Pinterest boards for more inspiration!

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