Focus On: Old Royal Naval College

The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich is about as architecturally stunning a venue as it is possible to find in London. The Painted Hall has been called the Sistine Chapel of the UK, and the building holds a profound place in British maritime history which lends an abundance of character. This venue is more than impressive, but it can be all too easy for an event to get swamped in a building this size! Here are a few ways we’ve found effective in the past for making your event here feel a little more personal…

The Painted Hall, Greenwich, London, England

Creating some cosy seating areas works a charm. Carefully arranged chill-out furniture with mirrored tables can immediately make a cavernous space feel much more comfortable, especially with warm, twinkly votive holders and storm lanterns. Soften these imposing walls and pillars with soft amber coloured uplighters, also handy to help transition this historic space seamlessly from day into night!

Cosy seating area round stone fireplace at Greenwich Royal Naval College. Cosy seating area and stone fireplace with fake fire and storm lanterns.

This venue also includes a very impressive fireplace, that is just begging for something to warm it up. A fake fire is the perfect way to tastefully and safely get the cosy fire effect. Our iron spiral candelabra are the perfect prop for this venue. Large, simple, yet elegant, they will quickly add a lot of atmosphere whilst staying true to the style of the building. It can also be a good idea to go further with greenery,  to visually soften the harsh stone throughout the venue. These work well as interesting features either side of an entrance or exit, but are incomplete without uplighters to make them really come to life!


With a venue like this, draw as much attention as possible to the unique architectural features. A row of uplighters keeps a dark corridor brightly lit whilst adding tons of the atmosphere, and an iron carousel candelabra, slightly more delicate than the spiral, is perfect to complete the look. And don’t forget the outside – large wall uplighters are a simple way to instantly create a huge impact! These tips will make sure your event at the Old Royal Naval College is looking ship shape!

uplighters collage

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