Gold Themed 40th at the Bluebird Restaurant

Nessie Welschinger wanted a dazzling gold themed event for her client’s 40th birthday party at the Bluebird Restaurant in Chelsea.  With any theme one of the biggest mistakes can be to go into it half-heartedly, but there was no danger of that with this canopy of gold voile ceiling drapes hanging elegantly above the room, just sheer enough to allow light through from the windows above and bask the event in a golden glow.  Dangling above the diners were gold star decorations, hung along the beams in alternating shapes and sizes, creating subtle layers of décor and adding depth to the room…

Sam_7171f portrait

As ever, with one strong colour dominating it is important to offset.  Burgundy satin drapes were the perfect choice here to create a bold background that complimented, yet balanced, the plentiful gold.  These drapes add instant drama, and were secured on our telescopic gantry system so that the room could be customised to exactly fit the size of Nessie’s party, and leave no unwanted gaping spaces…

Sam_7167f Sam_7158f

With such a striking and elaborate display on the ceiling it is only appropriate to balance it out with some sparkle down below. Battery-powered wall uplighters in amber shone a soft glow up from the floor at strategic points, and with twinkling stars hanging above your head what better than a starlit dancefloor under your feet? This large, minimalist restaurant space was successfully transformed into a glittering gold event, proving that it is definitely possible to have a strong yet tasteful theme!


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