Hurlingham Club Stand: Square Meal Venues & Events Show October 2016

When we were asked to design and fill a stand for The Hurlingham Club to be displayed at the Square Meal Venues & Events Show 2016, we were only too happy for the opportunity to get our creativity flowing! The brief was to come up with a stunning yet practical design around the theme of summer that a) complimented the theme of the show this year, which was ‘The Hamptons’, and b) included our very popular White Paper Lanterns.

The Creative Process:

1.  We often begin a project with sketches to help clients visualise the finished result. As an idea will likely evolve throughout the design process, this easily facilitates any adjustments and collaborative ideas with plenty of time to spare, so we can provide as perfect a result as possible. In this case, it was decided that the original vineyard and golfing themes we came up with might be misleading about the venue itself. In a second design we replaced the vintage barrel table and interactive mini golfing game with a classically elegant Poseur Table, and a bespoke Buzz Bar Garden Game, according to the client’s wishes.

Two initial design sketches for Hurlingham Club corporate stand

2. As ever with a shell scheme layout, the challenge was to come up with an economical design that created as much impact as possible within limited space. The first step was to lay Artificial Lawn on the floor and back wall of the stand. We then wrapped Artificial Vines round the front pole, and from the ceiling we had Artificial Wisteria drooping around our requested White Paper Lanterns. Here is a combination, we thought, that can’t fail to invoke a dreamy summer afternoon!

Artificial wisteria and white paper lanterns on Hurlingham Club corporate stand

3. To create the illusion of more space we used a large high resolution image of the Hurlingham Club as a backdrop, ensuring the venue was the focal point of the stand. We then put a range of smaller images (in Traditional Gold Frames for some added grandeur) along the back wall, and created a BespokeHurlingham Club” Sign on lime-washed wood to match the branding of the show.

Hurlingham Club corporate stand with Hamptons-style furnishings and decor

4. We then filled the space with minimal, practical props that also had design impact. These were two “Hampton’s-style” White-washed Wooden High Stools, a Poseur Table with a Poseur Table Cloth and Tie, and a Slimline Storage CabinetThe finishing touch that really brought the stand to life was a gorgeous, retro beach-style blue and white striped cloth. Fitting perfectly with the ‘Hamptons’ theme, this had the added bonus of being a chosen design feature of the Hurlingham Club itself (which you can see if you look very closely at the awning in the main image!) We also came up with a fun “Buzz Bar” Garden Game to make the stand more interactive – taking up very little space, this was a fun way to bring people over and get them chatting. 

Hurlingham Club corporate stand with Hamptons-style furnishings and decor

The project ended up being great fun, and a challenge that needed every ounce of our expertise in filling minimal space economically. The client was delighted, and we are very proud to have come up with a design that not only balanced beauty, theme and function, but also engaged lots of prospective clients as well!

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