Themed Food Stations: From Concept to Reality

We often provide sketches for our customers as we find they are a great way to provide peace of mind, especially when working with original concepts or new products, so they know exactly what to expect on the day!  The following three food stations were designed for a themed customer event.  Using a little creativity we were able to come up with some original concepts to fit this specific brief, keeping them bold and fun to create as big an impact as possible whilst staying within budget.  Here they are from original concept to reality…

An ‘American Diner’ themed food stall:

American diner themed food stall - the original concept

A faux padded frontage with a black and white chequered tablecloth was a simple way to immediately evoke an American diner, even without the bespoke illuminated sign above.  A jukebox flat and assorted retro signs were fun details to add some interest, with the stars & stripes flag, bunting and some strategic uplighting finishing off the look.

Faux padded frontage to trestle table, "chequered flag" tablecloth, illuminated Diner sign, Juke box flat, stars & stripes flag, bunting, assorted retro pictures, lighting

A ‘Best of British’ themed food stall:

British themed food stall - the original concept

A trestle table was easily disguised in the most British way possible using faux mahogany panel and a red and white chequered tablecloth. A fake fire and fireplace surround was the best way to get an instant pub feel, after which the ‘Best of British’ sign could only be a “specials” chalkboard.  Brass candlesticks and picture frames topped it off, with the Union flag and obligatory British bunting overhead.

Faux mahogany panelled frontage to trestle table, red & white chequered tablecloth, fireplace surround, fake fire, brass candlesticks and assorted pictures, "Best of British" chalkboard sign, union flag, bunting, lighting

A Mexican ‘La Cantina’ themed food stall:

La Cantina themed food stall - the original concept

Barrels with wooden tops were the perfect way to create a table space using existing props, and folding screens bearing the national flag topped off with sombreros created an unmistakably Mexican backdrop.  This stand required a slightly more rustic “La Cantina” sign, with festoons and uplighters for the finishing touch.

Barrels with wooden top, Mexican flag themed folding screens, sombreros, "La Cantina" sign, festoon lights, lighting

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