Transformation: Hurlingham Club

Whilst you might have found the absolute perfect venue for a corporate party, such as the Hurlingham Club with its soaring glass ceiling, greenery and ample space, one big problem remains: how to give your event that wow-factor?  We managed to transform the space from this…

Before 1

…into this.


glass swag chandelier adds instant grandeur to any event, whilst a warm white pealight canopy cannot fail to draw attention upwards.  In this case, a canopy  was the perfect item to transform an architectural feature into a stunning overhead display.  The pealights were doubly effective, reflecting in the glass above to create a sparkling synthetic night sky…


We also created an elegant reception area using white wall drapes.  This was an effective way to section off a cavernous space into more usable areas, all while retaining the bright, open quality that makes this venue so attractive in the first place.  Illuminated poseur tables and wall uplighters easily lead the room from day into night, and a sophisticated, high-impact backdrop for the band was provided with our popular starcloth.  Outside, gas flambeaux and a classic red carpet set the standard by welcoming guests into a venue fit for one seriously stunning party!


For more information on holding your event at the Hurlingham Club, check out the Hurlingham Club website!

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