Transformation: Ramster Hall

If you had visions of a classic party set in the idyllic grounds of a country house, then Ramster Hall would provide the perfect venue – but sometimes the ideal party venue may not lend itself to the theme you have in mind.  Claire wanted this room to have a party atmosphere with the feel of a sleek and modern bar, but with the copious dark wood, heavy beams and trophy cabinets, it’s difficult to imagine a more traditional setting.  Based on Claire’s brief we managed to transform the space from this…


… into this.


The first and most important task was to cover as much of the original room as possible, the traditional wooden structure and walls being the biggest give-away.  We successfully covered these using black wall drapes.  Fitted using our adjustable gantry system, we were able to adapt them to fit the exact requirements of the venue and create a seamless backdrop; the perfect foundation on which to begin building the right atmosphere…


The best way to get the modern look Claire was after was to create a striking bar area in the middle of the room using bold, neon colours.  A group of carefully spaced illuminated poseur tables draws all attention to the centre of the room, and makes the best possible use of space by providing features of interest whilst allowing people to rest their drinks.  A matching illuminated bar unit was the perfect central feature, making sure guests knew exactly where to head first…


To balance the strong lighting in the centre, the room demanded more subtle lighting at either end. A black starlit dancefloor and a sophisticated starcloth backdrop completes the scene, and covered the large windows to create a more intimate, club-like atmosphere. Some sleek white chill-out furniture and low mirror tables provided some practical seating whilst adding to the authentic bar feel, with the added bonus of reflecting the pealight strings above.  In the middle of an idyllic country house we managed to create the atmosphere of a sleek urban bar, proving it’s possible to transform any space into the setting of your choosing!


The complete transformation can be seen in the image below by sliding from left to right …

[transformation before=”2421″ after=”2424″]

More information on Ramster Hall can be found on their website.

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