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blog post on finding the perfect home-grown wedding venue

So you have decided that you would like a home-grown wedding. 

You want more autonomy over decisions regarding décor, catering, timings, budget etc. allowing you to stamp your own style and creativity on the whole occasion.

But where to find the right venue?

We have 26 years’ experience of planning and styling weddings.

Our focus on a day to day basis is on event production s0 we have worked with many clients who want a more unique, homegrown wedding.

In our experience, it is important to think outside the box when researching a venue for this type of wedding, so here are our top 3 tips for where you might begin:

Tip 1: Halls and Local Authority Venues

worfield hall shropshire uk hosting a village hall wedding with venue styling using draping lighting and centrepieces

A good place to start is with halls and local authority venues.

brook memorial hall bookham surrey

Your local council website will list venues for hire and you can click here for an example listing.

Wall uplighters and gobo pattern projectors at Chilham Village Hall, UK wedding venue

You will find an array of venues to choose from.

Halls and community venues are often overlooked but we have both organised and dressed so many weddings in fantastic venues which have been found just by looking through local authority websites. 

vintage style garden furniture in a garden wedding

Many of them give you outside space and can be more flexible with timings, so you might be able to hire for the whole weekend too!

Tip 2: National Garden Scheme

Another place to look is the National Garden Scheme.

These are privately owned houses or gardens that generally open for only a limited number of days per year.  

Elegant marquee with glass table candelabra and gold accessories by Stressfree party planners in Hampshire Uk

Whilst many of them may not be suitable for weddings, by doing your research you may well find something truly remarkable for a marquee setting.

marquee at night with people in the distance dancing

We’ve found some really fabulous venues previously which have provided the perfect backdrop for our client’s weddings.

pretty garden wedding ceremony

And a few of these decided to become fully fledged wedding venues as a result!

Tip 3: Holiday Lets

Try “googling” holiday lets for weddings.

pretty outdoor wedding for small group

These venues can be ideal for smaller groups.  Check the details to see how many can be seated for dinner or whether you can hire a marquee for the grounds.

wedding guests playing football

We have both organised and dressed weddings in these types of venues and love the fact that they allow you to enjoy a whole weekend with your guests.

Some of our favourites are:

Big Cottages

Country Cottages Online

The Stressfree Wedding Hub

We really hope you’ve found this blog helpful and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.

If you are ..

✔️ looking for a change of career, side hustle or your own small business and would love to work as a venue stylist
✔️ a newbie or established venue stylist and wish to run a successful business
✔️ getting married and want to learn how to style your own wedding like a pro
✔️ a wedding planner and you want to understand the techniques and terminology involved in venue styling
✔️ a venue and you want to learn how to ensure decorations are safe and installed properly within your venue

Then you may like to head straight over to our Free Facebook Group

the stressfree wedding hub become a successful venue stylist

This is a fun, friendly, creative and practical group for anyone who wants to learn how to become a successful venue stylist.

Click here to find us!

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