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Wooden Slice Table Centre

Birch Tree in Leaf

Wooden Frame Archway

Foliage Archway

Birch Pole Archway

Wisteria Archway

Floral / Foliage Chandelier

Faux Bamboo Plants

Artificial Grass Carpet Runner

Woodland Set Piece and Photo Backdrop

Wisteria Blossom Tree

Bespoke Items

Boxwood Hedge Screen

Natural Twisted Willow

Artificial Foliage

Birch in Leaf Archway

Enchanted Woodland Candelabra

Wonderland Willow Table Centre

Natural Birch Tree

White Birch Archway

Willow Archway

Silver Twisted Willow

White Birch Tree

Lollipop Bay Tree with Pealights

Palm Tree