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Gobo Projection

Poseur Table

Partition Drapes

Large Illuminated LOVE Letters

Glass Table Candelabra

Beam Drapes

Hedge Photo Backdrop

Birch Pole Archway

Wisteria Archway

Floral / Foliage Chandelier

Woodland Set Piece and Photo Backdrop

Rustic Bar

Wisteria Blossom Tree

Ornamental and Unique Backdrops

Bespoke Items

Birch in Leaf Archway

Sheer Drapes

Vintage-Style Console Table

Large Gold/Silver Mirror with Easel

Doorway Drapes

Storm Lantern Table Centre

Vintage-Style Dressing Table


Pealight Strings


Low Illuminated Table Centre

Silver Fluted Vase

White & Ivory Wall Drapes

Lollipop Bay Tree with Pealights

Pinspot Lighting

Iron Spiral Candelabra

Silver Table Candelabra

Backdrop/Draping with Swagged Overlay

Backdrop/Draping with Pealights

Aisle/Runner Carpet

Vintage-Style Bar Unit