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Save time, money and stress by getting the most out of your wedding and wedding venue.

This group draws on Stressfree’s 25 years of experience planning, designing and dressing weddings across all budgets throughout the UK and overseas.

A friendly community to share experiences and ask questions

What's included

What to consider when choosing your venue

How to get the most out of your chosen venue

How to style and dress your venue yourself

When you should call in the professionals

Understanding the terminology so you can choose the right equipment and suppliers

How to work with your venue and suppliers and avoid unwanted costs

How to do things safely and prevent damage

Be better informed when choosing and styling your wedding venue

About you

You are getting married and want your wedding to look amazing but feel effortless!

You are a parent, bridesmaid, best man, sibling etc of someone who is getting married and you want to help and support them

You are a wedding planner and you want to understand the techniques and terminology involved in wedding styling

You are a venue and you want to learn how to ensure decorations are safe and done properly within your venue

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